Escape Mobilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated geopolitical tensions in ways that are creating a generation of disenchanted youths who imagine their futures within the cities they live, study, and work in to be eroded. A portion of these youths are driven towards disquieting forms of ‘escape mobilities’, in an attempt to seek out new lives abroad. In Hong Kong, youths have expressed their desire to emigrate due to frustrations towards the city’s rising cost of living, urban inequalities, and contentious political sentiments about the loss of autonomy and civic freedom since the early 2000s. The pandemic has allowed Beijing to strengthen its power over Hong Kong territories through the National Security Law (NSL), while driving greater conviction among youths to seek educational refuge outside of the city and to avoid state persecution under the NSL. This series of articles focuses on Hong Kong and its youth to shed light on how borders and mobilities – including those around education – intertwine with young people’s politics.

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