Internationalisation and Digitalisation

In the face of intensified bordering practices, higher education policymakers, administrators, and educators are scrambling to reconstruct internationalisation policies and programmes. This pandemic has exposed the taken-for-granted facets of inter-connectivities and mobilities in higher education, but will this lead to a more ethical and sustainable mode of internationalisation? And how might pandemic discourses intersect with wider geopolitical logics to reshape global higher education networks?

Internationalisation of higher education

The pandemic has lubricated the process in which online platforms and virtual technologies are being integrated as tools for higher education learning, which accelerates the embedding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution into higher education. Digital infrastructures help facilitate learning and the management of educational institutions but also reshape the spaces and subjects of higher education. How are digital  technologies and platforms reconfiguring student learning experiences, relationships between students and faculty, and the wider transnational education markets that sustain educational institutions and student mobility flows?

Digitalisation of higher education