The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an extraordinary shift in the way student mobility and international learning are being reimagined by national policymakers, educational institutions, and educators. Yet, we rarely hear the voices of students. We also do not have an adequate understanding of their youthful aspirations as well as wellbeing in a challenging time like this. ISM.VOICES documents the diverse voices of international students and young people from and in various parts of the Asia-Pacific world, serving as a window to understanding international student mobilities in a time of the pandemic.

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Portraits of International Student (Im)Mobilities: Analyses by Undergraduates at Singapore Management University

In this collection of nine blog essays, students reflect upon and analyse a variety of international student experiences, in different parts of the world and at different stages of their education (and work) journeys. Through the window offered by these individual lives, we catch glimpses of how the pandemic has disrupted transnational ties, reconfigured senses of belonging, and exposed precarious positions; but also reinforced people’s capacity to aspire, encourage new abilities to adapt, and compel new understandings of immobility and mobility. The essays are written as part of the International Migration course exercise at Singapore Management University, facilitated by Yasmin Ortiga.

Degrees and Departures: A Look into Student Migrants in the Pandemic | Shi Min Teh, Jing Wen Mah, and Nicole Lim

Transnationalism and Citizenship in a Pandemic: Alice’s Journey | Brenda Wang and Cass Zheng

Finding the Silver Lining in Immobility | Lim Li Yun, Jerlyn Cheong, and Chen Lee Wai

The Experience of a Transmigrant Student | Puteri Nur Huda, Mika Sasaki, and David Lim

Precarity through the Lens of Singapore’s Foreign Talent | Prarthana Prakash, Gillian Oh, Alston Tan

Migration Immobility that Does Not Discriminate: Perspective of an Aspiring Migrant with High Migration Ability and Desirable Background | Amanda Goh, Arino Ang, Ankita Ragam

Unique Challenges and Unimagined Opportunities | Danawa Roslee, Claris Kang, and Dharia Mallareddy

The Choice to Battle COVID-19 Alone in a Foreign Land | Shernise Tan, Melvin Chee, and Jasleen Sidhu

Risk Contracting Covid-19 or Reunite With My Family? | Gladys Ong, Ginnette Mok, and Sheril Ameilda Alis Binte Ramlan

All views are contributors’ personal opinions and not representative of the views of the instructor and the institution.

Mobility and travel

Should I stay or should I go? | Sarah Tan

A premature return home | Nicole Tong

Education and learning

Higher education for the disabled | Maitreya Shah

The unforeseen yet memorable | Shriya Sharma

Livelihood and wellbeing

18m² refuge | Dionysia Kang

How COVID redefines my concept of “home”| Tracy Mondo (pen name)