Return mobilities

The COVID-19 has impacted on international student mobilities in myriad ways which cut across the imaginative, practical, and aspirational life-worlds. One heuristic category of mobility that has become pronounced during this period is that of student return mobilities, where international students were recalled from and subsequently wooed back to overseas universities. This compilation reveals how the pandemic has amplified the emotional, ideological and political dimensions of return mobilities around international students. How might a focus on ‘return’ in a time of extreme flux and uncertainty open up new questions – or direct us back to perennial ones – about international student mobilities and education?

18 Mar 2020, Returning students add to new spike in coronavirus cases,

1 Apr 2020, 86% Chinese students want to return home,

13 May 2020, Government mulls foreign student return under quarantine,

23 May 2020, Regional universities push to trial a return of international students to Australia,

15 Jun 2020, International students from China, Hong Kong, Macau and other places still face issues returning to Taiwan,

15 Jun 2020, Experts call for risk assessment before international students return,

16 Jun 2020, ‘An entirely different universe’: international students anticipate challenges in returning to campus in the Fall,

18 Jun 2020, Taiwan lists 11 low-risk countries college students can return from,

20 Jun 2020, Malaysia wants international students to return,

24 Jul 2020, HE leaders question Japan’s ban on returning foreigners,

7 Aug 2020, Canada “considering” letting int’l students return in September,

7 Aug 2020, In a discriminatory policy reversal, Chinese students prevented from returning to Taiwan,

17 Aug 2020, Aus: pilot scheme to see international students return to SA,

19 Aug 2020, Australia to kick off trial in September to allow foreign students to return amid Covid-19 pandemic,

23 Aug 2020, Hopes up for Singaporeans eager to return to Aussie unis,

29 Sep 2020, China: students frustrated by lack of support: International students unable to return to their studies in China are putting pressure on their embassies,

13 Nov 2020, China: no quick return for int’l students,

14 Nov 2020, International students balance desire to return to US with uncertainties of pandemic,

25 Nov 2020, International Students Want to Return to China,

24 Dec 2020, Singapore confirms first case of new Covid-19 strain from UK, a 17-year-old student who recently returned from Britain,

24 Dec 2020, Malaysia’s international students could be allowed back in January,

25 Dec 2020, International students eager to return to China,

11 Jan 2021, Paused: Pilot plan to return international students to NSW,

12 Jan 2021, Canadian universities, colleges urge extra precautions as students prepare to return,

17 Jan 2021, Universities welcome announcement that 1000 international students will return,

20 Jan 2021, Indian, international students request Chinese govt to let them return to their institutes,

21 Jan 2021, International students seek exemption to enter Australia as Victoria rules out return in 2021,