Student mobility and travel

International students have been recalled and sent home. Study abroad and student exchanges have been suspended. As of January 2020, there were about 5.3 million international students worldwide. But the coronavirus has wiped out any sign of student mobility and travel. How is the current pandemic reframing young people’s conceptions about mobility and immobility in education? What kinds of (return) student migration patterns can be anticipated when mobility is rebooted?


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16 Jun 2020, ‘An entirely different universe’: international students anticipate challenges in returning to campus in the Fall,

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6 Jul 2020, Students whose overseas studies were disrupted by COVID-19 have options in local universities: MOE Singapore,

6 Jul 2020, Students in China heed their government’s warnings against studying in Australia – less than half plan to come back,

6 Jul 2020, Taiwan: lifts travel ban for 13 countries,

7 Jul 2020, Industry in shock as US restricts fully-online study for internationals,

8 Jul 2020, One million foreign students risk being frozen out of US colleges. Some might never come back,

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13 Jul 2020, International students willing to quarantine if they can start face-to-face learning sooner,

14 Jul 2020, US government backtracks on online study international student ban,

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17 Jul 2020, Japan unclear on when to allow foreign students back,

22 Jul 2020, Singapore, Malaysia universities see uptick in Chinese student interest amid pandemic,

23 Jul 2020, Foreign students allowed to enter Israel in spite of virus restrictions,

24 Jul 2020, New International Students Will Be Barred From Entering U.S. For Online-Only Learning, ICE Says,

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2 Aug 2020, ‘We’ll pay and walk to go back to class’,

3 Aug 2020, South Korea: int’l students urged to study online

3 Aug 2020, Hong Kong unis to enrol students unable to travel,

6 Aug 2020, Chinese parents hesitate over sending children to US for education amid fraying ties, Covid-19 pandemic and social unrest, 

7 Aug 2020, Canada “considering” letting int’l students return in September,

7 Aug 2020, In a discriminatory policy reversal, Chinese students prevented from returning to Taiwan,

7 Aug 2020, Student mobility, hardship in COVID – State responses slammed,

11 Aug 2020, Crises an “opportunity” to build an equitable future for study abroad,

14 Aug 2020, Education, Disrupted,

14 Aug 2020, Coronavirus: Foreign students on online courses are denied visas to Germany,

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2 Sep 2020, Trump and COVID force Chinese students to rethink the US,

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8 Sep 2020, Research at risk from student mobility disruption, warns OECD,

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18 Sep 2020, Australia’s universities hit by loss of ‘cash cow’ foreign students, as coronavirus vaccine race heats up,

21 Sep 2020, Int’l students sour on Australia due to treatment during Covid-19,

22 Sep 2020, Japan dangles 2-year visas for aspiring student entrepreneurs,

25 Sep 2020, Foreign academics can return but not foreign students,

29 Sep 2020, China: students frustrated by lack of support: International students unable to return to their studies in China are putting pressure on their embassies,

29 Sep 2020, International students to fly to Australia from Singapore under pilot programme,

5 Oct 2020, Overseas students frustrated as China and Japan restrict entry,

12 Oct 2020, Limited numbers of int’l students set to enter NZ,

26 Oct 2020, Would-be international students ‘prefer to study in-person at home’,

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28 Oct 2020, Asian business students set their sights closer to home,

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4 Nov 2020, Netherlands: fewer int’l grads likely to stay,

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11 Nov 2020, Biden Win Renews Hope for Chinese Students’ Study Abroad Plans,

11 Nov 2020, Coronavirus to halve Australia’s international student numbers – and not just universities will feel it,

12 Nov 2020, “Australia needs to know that students won’t wait forever” say international students,

13 Nov 2020, China: no quick return for int’l students,

13 Nov 2020, COVID-19: Australia scraps plans to allow foreign students back,

13 Nov 2020, Singaporean students disappointed after Australia scraps plans to allow foreign students back,

13 Nov 2020, Taiwan: Drive for English-taught degrees to lure foreign students,

14 Nov 2020, International students balance desire to return to US with uncertainties of pandemic,

16 Nov 2020, Pandemic leads tens of thousands of international students to delay plans to enter U.S. colleges, survey shows,

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25 Nov 2020, International Students Want to Return to China,

25 Nov 2020, Students relying more on education agents for assistance with study abroad decisions,

30 Nov 2020, International students land in Australia for first time since coronavirus shuttered borders,

2 Dec 2020, Private universities at risk as foreign students stay away,

7 Dec 2020, Melbourne welcomes first international flight in five months as COVID-19 curbs ease,

10 Dec 2020, Pathway initiative to help international students study in New Zealand ‘when the time is right’,

24 Dec 2020, Singapore confirms first case of new Covid-19 strain from UK, a 17-year-old student who recently returned from Britain,

24 Dec 2020, Malaysia’s international students could be allowed back in January,

25 Dec 2020, International students eager to return to China,

26 Dec 2020, Coronavirus visa uncertainty turns foreign students against China,

27 Dec 2020, Post-coronavirus recovery starts with immigrants and international students,


1 Jan 2021, Taiwan suspends entry to all international students,

4 Jan 2021, Fresh Asian border restrictions frustrate academics and students,

5 Jan 2021, Closing door to Chinese students in US universities achieves little, only creates more tension,

7 Jan 2021, DfE tells international students to delay coming to the UK,

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12 Jan 2021, Canadian universities, colleges urge extra precautions as students prepare to return,

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12 Jan 2021, MCO 2.0: Universities’ back-to-campus dates still March 1 for Malaysian students, those already at campus to remain,

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17 Jan 2021, Universities welcome announcement that 1000 international students will return,

18 Jan 2021, Gen Y Speaks: I felt lost studying overseas. A year of online classes in S’pore due to Covid-19 has changed that,

19 Jan 2021, ‘Don’t come this year or the next,’ Chinese students in Australia say, citing deteriorating environment for Asians amid pandemic,

20 Jan 2021, Indian, international students request Chinese govt to let them return to their institutes,

20 Jan 2021, UAE universities set to welcome students for Spring semester,

21 Jan 2021, International students seek exemption to enter Australia as Victoria rules out return in 2021,